Europe is really not a continent, but part of the peninsula of Eurasia which includes all of the Europe and Asia. Europe is currently facing a very grave issue of diminishing in agriculture sector nearby 60% and the only crops which are grown in the entire Europe countries is Maize, which is widely used as food and also to feed animals. So the waste which is left out is easily utilized as a raw material in making of briquettes.

Further the climate over Europe is sunny and cloudy, both the type of the weather becomes complicated to deal to treat the raw material where Crusher Machine and Dryer Machine can be utilized to make briquettes with the raw materials with the support of the briquetting machine. As there is high density of the forest the European is getting a good amount of the forestry waste and they are able to produce the briquettes. As we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Briquetting Mill, our products are highly demanded in the Europe Market due to their unique features and affordable price.

We are flourished with good number of clients across the Europe Continent. Few of the Countries where our brand name briquetting mill is highly demanded are as follow:

Germany France Itlay United Kingdom Switzerland
Netherlands Greece Poland Ukraine Denmark
Romania Sweden Norway Cyprus Finland

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