In Briquetting Machine

A briquette is a small block that made from coal and dust. Briquette is a substitute of charcoal. briquetting press manufacturerWith the help of Briquetting press we can create a pollution free nation. Briquetting does not produce any type pollution.  The briquettes are generally use for heating purposes and steam generation in boilers. The main feature is a briquette press is running without any binder and chemical. So it is also called binder less technology. The briquetting press type is a high presentation, long lasting and tremendously economical machine. The briquettes presses are straightforwardly loaded into the extrusion press for coating on cut wires. The briquettes most commonly used are: charcoal briquettes and biomass briquetting. The briquetting press can use in sugar factory, food industry. The ordinary charcoal have a higher moisture content. Briquetting press can be used to boost keep soil moisture, ground temperature and improve soil.

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