Briquetting Plant

India is a country of agriculture. There are lots of farms. India exported $39 billion worth of agricultural briquetting plant manufacturer products in one year. India is a seventh largest agriculture exporter county. According to FAO India is the biggest country that produces fruit and vegetable. So there are lots of agricultural and forestry wastage. Briquetting plant is used to convert that wastage into solid briquettes. Briquetting plant is knowledge to recycle all types of agriculture waste and forestry waste.With the help of briquetting plant we get solution of that wastage. The briquetting plant is completely eco friendly technology. In this process briquettes are made with high motorized force with the help of binder less technology. Briquettes are flattering a very well-liked and extremely favored fuel in profitable centers Example bakery, canteens, ,confectioneries, snacks and food shops, restaurants, pottery, laundry etc. There are lots of Briquetting plant manufacturer in India. Briquetting plant produces an eco-friendly solid bio-fuel that helps in reducing the pollution.

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Advantage of briquetting plant

Fuel has forever been an indispensible need of man. There is variety of briquetting plants. advantage of briquetting plant The main concept of briquetting plant is to produce solid bio-fuel with the help of agriculture and forestry wastage. Going green is one of the ways that we will be able to save our environment for future generations. Briquettes are popular in developing countries where energy sources aren’t widely available. The briquetting plant main concept is to produce briquettes. The size and shape of briquettes make them easily be stored. Biomass briquettes are used to heat engineering boilers so as to create electricity from steam. The briquetting plant briquettes are easy to transport for long distance. The briquettes are mostly made from plants and domestic animal wastages so briquettes are completely eco-friendly technology. Briquettes are mostly used organic material so briquettes are renewable.

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Briquetting Hammer Mill

Briquetting hammer mill is nothing but our high performance raw material pounding machinery. This machine is specifically required for our briquetting machinery models such as Super-65 Model and Supreme-75 Model as these specific models necessitate finepowdery form of raw- materials for making high grade briquettes.The production competency of this machine is exceptional of about 1500-1800 Kg /Hr.(may vary as per the quality and type of the raw material). This is because we offer this machinery very powerful motor which is also energy efficient. Our machines are also very durable moreover these are very inexpensive.


Screw Conveyor : Feeds raw material into hammer mill
Hammer Mill : Reduces the size of raw material into powdery form
Blower, Pipe, Cyclone & Airlock : Stores powdery raw material
Screw Conveyor : Conveys material up to briquetting press
Production Capacity: 1500-1800 Kg /Hr. Depends on raw material
Raw – Material Size : Powdered form :


Electric Motor for Hammer Mill

  • 25 HP main motor.
  • 3 HP Fan motor.
  • 1 HP Conveyer motor.
  • 0.5 HP Rotary Drum Motor.

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How to get biomass briquette plant subsidy

How To Get Biomass Briquette Plant SubsidyBiomass briquetting business is one of the best business to get in this is because it not just offers excellent profits but also supported by the Indian Government. The Government of India understands the value of this fuel and the potential of India to expand the horizon of this business being an agricultural country with vast forest resources.

The individual who takes up this business is liberated from paying income tax for the first five years of getting into this business. Also the government offers a subsidy of 35% over this project. Government Encourages Biomass Briquette Plant extend so that individuals now switch over towards the utilization of biomass briquettes. You can discover any points of interest of Government’s unwinding and motivating forces on briquetting plant extend, here. Government supports this venture increasingly because of its Eco well disposed elements.

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The Russian inventor F. P. Veshniakov, Briquettes, proposed Briquetting in Russia in the 1830’s or briquetting is a substitute of coal and charcoal. The briquettes are made with the forestry waste and agriculture wastes. The briquetting is mostly used where cooking fuels are not available. A briquetting is a compacted building block of coal dust. Early briquettes were large and brick-shaped. A briquetting machine turns waste material into uniform-sized briquettes that are easy to store. The Briquetting machine makes briquettes which can be used as a bio fuel and are biodegradable and save commendable foreign exchange. Briquetted paper has numerous striking advantages, a considerable lot of which limit the effect of the paper squander produced by a destroying framework. Biomass briquettes are an inexhaustible wellspring of vitality and abstain from adding fossil carbon to the climate. Briquettes are cheaper than coal. Biomass briquettes have a higher down to earth warm esteem and much lower slag content.

Briquetting and pelletization are defended chiefly by the decrease in volume of a cumbersome waste material. After densification, there are two principle quality parts of the item: that it might stay strong until the point when it has served its capacity, and that it should perform well as a fuel.

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