In Briquetting Machine

Briquetting Mill Plant is the process of covert the wastage of agriculture products in a bio coal. It produces quality biomass briquettes. Briquetting plant is an eco friendly technology. Briquetting plant produces renewable energy. Hence it protects source of non-conventional energy.

Biomass Briquetting plant is utilizing green waste and organic resources. Agro-forestry waste such as Custer shell, bamboo dust, and Ground-nut shell and saw dusk can be turned out into blocks of solid briquettes. Briquetting Mill Plant is totally environment friendly.  The charcoal briquettes made by biomass briquettes presses.

The main portion of a briquette plant goes to briquette machine or briquette press. Biomass briquettes has a feature of high performance and eco convenient way to give us fuel.

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