Briquetting hammer mill is nothing but our high performance raw material pounding machinery. This machine is specifically required for our briquetting machinery models such as Super-65 Model and Supreme-75 Model as these specific models necessitate finepowdery form of raw- materials for making high grade briquettes.The production competency of this machine is exceptional of about 1500-1800 Kg /Hr.(may vary as per the quality and type of the raw material). This is because we offer this machinery very powerful motor which is also energy efficient. Our machines are also very durable moreover these are very inexpensive.


Screw Conveyor : Feeds raw material into hammer mill
Hammer Mill : Reduces the size of raw material into powdery form
Blower, Pipe, Cyclone & Airlock : Stores powdery raw material
Screw Conveyor : Conveys material up to briquetting press
Production Capacity: 1500-1800 Kg /Hr. Depends on raw material
Raw – Material Size : Powdered form :


Electric Motor for Hammer Mill

  • 25 HP main motor.
  • 3 HP Fan motor.
  • 1 HP Conveyer motor.
  • 0.5 HP Rotary Drum Motor.

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