In Briquetting Machine

A Biomass Briquetting Plant is a project that converts agro forestry waste to bio-coal. Biomass briquettes have a higher practical thermal value. Biomass energy is on par with sun and wind energy when it comes to sustainability.

Biomass briquettes are must cheaper than other briquettes. Biomass briquettes are therefore bio fuel substitutes to charcoal and coal. Biomass Briquettes have excellent source of fuel with good thermal value.  Its materials are easily available in market. Biomass briquettes have a consistent quality and it is clean to handle.  Its cost is very low to compare other material like coal and fire wood. Biomass briquettes have much lower moisture content than coal or firewood.

Advantage of Biomass Briquetting Plant

Biomass briquette machine is also called briquette molding machine. This process has no sulfur content so there is lower risk. Biomass power can use a large variety of feedstock such as wood pellets, rice husk, biogases etc.

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