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 In Briquetting Machine

The Mill Scale Briquette Machine adopts hydraulic transmission, a highly professional integrated valve blocks, Large flow path to reduce system pressure loss. Mill scale briquetting plant is come with advantages of high pressure, high molding rate, high output, easy operation, and stable quality.

Mill scale in normally present on rolled steel and is frequently mistaken for blue color primer. Briquetting Plant also can be used to make briquettes from coke fines, charcoal powder, carbon black, iron ore fines. Mill scale briquetting plant is come with the advantages of high pressure, high output and stable quality. The crushed fines will be mixed by the double shaft mixer with some binder.

Steel mill has produced wasters by his products in a large amount. Mill scale briquetting line is necessary to produce briquettes of high strength, density. Mill scale briquetting is energy savings and environment friendly.

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